The One Where My Linguistics Were Further Complicated

I learned a new thing today! I learned it thanks to Dreki’s post Etymology. Here’s the thing: the word woman used to wifman, and the word man used to be werman, before language decay happened to them. So, ‘man’ used to be an actual gender neutral term, unlike now, where it’s a decidedly gendered term which people sometimes pretend is not. Language decay can be a good thing. I’m certainly pleased we’re all saying goodbye now instead of God be with you. But in this case, the decay was decidedly gender biased.

So I’m thinking about taking wifman and werman into my lexicon. Or perhaps I should latinize them a bit for intelligability. Gynoman and Androman? They sound like superheroes! And then your can have biman, nonman, polyman! Roboman! All are valid!


~ by onetiddlyridley on February 12, 2011.

One Response to “The One Where My Linguistics Were Further Complicated”

  1. This is actually why all the, shall we say, alternative, “feminist”, spellings of woman raise my hackles, so to speak. Because people say “the word woman comes from man and has the word man in it and that’s sexist so we’re going to change it so it doesn’t” and it’s obvious they never actually RESEARCHED the history of the word woman because it DOESN’T. Not to mention they just simply look misspelled, which rubs me the wrong way and I think makes them look less intelligent and professional and discredits feminism to an extent.

    And I TOTALLY think that Gynoman and Androman and the rest would be awesome superheroes. And they’d all be together in the League of Gender and fight for GREAT JUSTICE! 😀

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