The One Where I Want To Eat Your Brain

Well, I do! What can I say? I promise I won’t, but the idea has definitely crossed my mind.

Alright, so what am I actually talking about?

First, you’re going to need some background information. Some concepts the rest of this will be built on. Let’s get those out of the way.

I’m kind of a voraphile. A very few of my friends pretty much know this already, but I’ve never properly outed myself as such. I’ll admit part of that is stigma. Stigmatizes fetishes that are completely safe, sane, and consensual isn’t right, and I have a big damn soapbox I can get on about it, but I can’t say I don’t do it. Vore squicks me like woah. But that’s because most of what’s out there is bad, bad hentai, full of misogyny and torture porn and badness. I hear most voraphile’s are more into the much fluffier concept of ‘engulfment’, where one character takes another into their body to protect them and nobody gets digested.

Neither of these is what I’m into at all.

My voresque interests stem from a pretty simple line blur in my brain. I don’t separate different types of desire so well. Desire for friendship and desire for a sexual relationship look pretty much the same in my head. Desire for someone’s mind becomes desire for someone’s body. And, well, desire to look and touch and taste, can pretty easily become desire to eat. It doesn’t help that I actually do subsist mostly on raw meat.

But what I actually came here to talk about was my cerebrophilia. Currently, that seems to be my biggest fetish. Sadly, it’s also the one that apparently no one else has. If you google cerebrophilia, you will find one blogpost. And it isn’t even this blog, because google sucks sometimes. There may be more information out there. There may be a massive community of cerebrophiles, but I can’t find them.

If you google brain fetish, the first result that comes up is a list of body part fetishes that don’t exist. It’s very disheartening.

So, as the apparent World’s Only Brain Fetishist, I feel I out to explain what the hell a brain fetish is. Or, at least, how it manifests in me.

This is where the line blurring comes in. You see, I’m sapiosexual, which means my attraction to a person is based primarily on their mind. I’m attracted to intelligence and personality over anything physical (skinny legs aside). For me to be attracted to someone, their mind has to interest me. Once they’ve got that interest, however, what began as a purely intellectual and remarkably asexual attraction will very quickly mutate into something physical. If I’m attracted to a brain, I become attracted to it’s housing, and even if that housing is not my usual physical type, it won’t be long before I find most every detail about it staggeringly appealing and start growing new person-specific fetishes to accommodate the object of my affections.

I suppose my subconscious is attempting to make me make sense. When it notices me being overcome with desire for someone, it tries to provide me with a means to express it. Since it’s difficult to demonstrate attraction and affection to someone’s personality, since it isn’t a physical entity, my brain redirects that desire to the next best thing: the physical entity in which that personality lives.

Attraction to the body that holds the mind makes sense and isn’t all that creepy. Of course, my Extra Special Logic took it a step further. You know what part of the body holds the mind?

The brain.


~ by onetiddlyridley on February 25, 2011.

One Response to “The One Where I Want To Eat Your Brain”

  1. I wasn’t sure if there was a word for it. Cerebrophilia.

    At least I have something to call it that doesn’t immediately sound creepy.

    Also, don’t feel bad about the whole “want to eat it” thing. I have a thing for brain surgery, myself.

    Feels good to find someone interested in the same thing.

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