How Do You Even?

Well, first I accidentally my skull. All my skull, John. All of it.

In all seriousness, though, what’s this shit about?

Probably a bunch of things. But primarily, I intend to spend my time talking about gender issues, BDSM, stone sexuality, obscure fetishism, and radical mental health. And ways they intersect. And whatever else pops into my crazy little head.

Ooookay. Who the hell are you?

Thanks so much for asking! I’m Ian! Although I go by a metric fuckton of other noms de guerre, as well.

No, man, we meant tell us about yourself!

Oh, right! Well, I’m a Stone Butch, a Low Femme, and a Transmasculine Neutrois. I’m a Haver of BPD and ASD, a Trichotillomaniac, and a Mad Pride Activist. I’m an Aromantic, a Polyamorist, an Autonosexual, and a Switchy Sub. I’m a nutter. I’m a kinky bastard. I’m a frigid bitch. And I’m a sapiosexual cerebrophiliac.

Dude, I don’t know what half of those words are.

Google is your friend.

Google won’t tell me what the frell a cerebrophiliac is.

Yeah, that would be because I coined the term. Words are fun! Anyway, a cerebrophiliac is a brain fetishist. No, not just an intelligence fetishist. I mean the physical organ.

That’s a little creepy.

Oh yeah, I’m aware.

So, why should I read this blog, ya creep?

Um, because I’m a real hoopy frood? Also, if you’re interested in Gender, BDSM, and Sexuality Theory, value a layman’s view on psychological issues, have a brain fetish, or generally appreciate geekery on many a subject. Yay!


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